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As TMW’s most advanced transportation management system, TMW.Suite serves as the end-to-end business growth platform for hundreds of leading commercial and private carriers, brokers, 3PLs and other transportation enterprises.

Scalable to any size fleet over 25 assets, TMW.Suite features a broad array of industry-leading planning, rating and optimization tools to help any transportation business streamline every step of the transportation and supply chain lifecycle, from soliciting business and booking orders to billing, settlements, and accounting.

TMW.Suite Transportation Management Software modules streamline your transportation business.

How TMW.Suite Helps You WIN Your Business

You need trucking software that helps you leverage your strengths and set yourself apart from, and above, your competition. TMW.Suite and it’s supporting solutions can help you:

  • Manage your entire transportation lifecycle – from order all the way to profit
  • Reduce out-of-route and empty miles to improve profitability
  • Plan, match and dispatch loads more efficiently by capturing load entry, calculating miles and analyzing pricing
  • Diversify and create new lines of business
  • Make smarter and more profitable decisions using real-time market data
  • Optimize lanes for maximum results
  • Plan your routes with out-of-the-box final mile routing technology integrations

Features to Help You Go the Extra Mile

  • Auto Rating: TMW.Suite's robust rating engine allows for complex buy, sell, and driver settlement rates to be stored and calculated automatically throughout the lifecycle of the order/trip.
  • Billing: Manage different rates all in one place by using TMW.Suite to generate accurate invoices and settlements.
  • Customer Service: Reduce order entry time and configure orders to meet business needs to retrieve relevant information for your customers.
  • Dispatch: The dispatch system empowers you to plan efficiently to reduce empty miles, as well as know the status of all resources to make better decisions and enable corrective actions.
  • Management Reports: Get focused, informative management reports using SSRS and business intelligence (BI) to simplify your information needs.

A Transportation Management Solution for Every Company

Commercial Carriers and Dedicated Fleets

TMW.Suite helps carriers improve efficiency, utilization and operating ratios by providing visibility and control of virtually every operational area and process. Diversified businesses can use this single solution to enhance the performance of asset- and non-asset based divisions. TMW.Suite serves all carrier types: truckload, LTL, bulk and intermodal.

Private Fleets

TMW.Suite enables private fleets to apply many of the same best practices used by leading commercial carriers to enhance operational efficiency; manage drivers for scheduling, repetitive order scheduling; compliance and safety; complex pay structures; reduce costs; and streamline multi-stop, multi-order deliveries.

Brokers and 3PLs

TMW.Suite combines world-class multi-mode rating via 3GTMS and planning with the comprehensive order management, execution, accounting and other features of a best-of-breed TMS, all geared toward reducing cost. TMW.Suite allows brokers to efficiently enter orders, cover loads and manage margin.

Getting a Return on Your TMS Investment

The success of any transportation business can be seen in hard numbers—operating margins, freight volume, revenue per mile, cost per mile, utilization, fuel spend, administrative costs, driver turnover and on-time delivery.

You’re looking for ways to achieve tangible, sustained improvements in each of these numbers. With TMW.Suite, you can. With over 2,300 customers worldwide, TMW is the standard by which other industry providers are measured. Our customer base includes more than 70% of the top 100 for-hire carriers and 30% of the top 30 US brokerage companies.

Don’t believe us? Here’s how a few leading transportation service providers have leveraged our TMS to increase their key operating metrics:

  • Recognized a 15% decrease in undelivered product – RUAN Transport Corporation
  • Increased on-time delivery rate from 82% to 94% - Royal Trucking Company
  • Saw a 16% increase in revenue per truck, per mile – Wooster Motor Ways, Inc.
  • Improved lead time from 90 to 15-30 days – NFI
  • Added $100 million in revenue with zero dollars in overhead – Cardinal Logistics
  • Increased detention-time billing revenue by 35% - Solar Transport

And this is just a sample. Many other TMW.Suite customers have recognized increased efficiency, greater levels of operational control, improved flexibility and better business monitoring.
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