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Regardless of fleet size, today’s market demands that you optimize every area of your operation, including vehicle maintenance. Whether you outsource repairs or operate your own shop, every manual process, every extra hour of labor, every unnecessary part on your shelves, and every minute of equipment downtime is a cost you cannot afford.

Today, many of North America’s leading fleets are saving millions of dollars each year with the help of comprehensive fleet maintenance software from TMW Systems.

Enter the Proactive, Smaller Fleet

Small fleets still have big needs. Now, smaller fleets can enjoy many of the same, mission critical results with TMW FleetCheck, an affordable, user-friendly, cloud-based maintenance management solution developed specifically for businesses operating up to 150 vehicles. Like other TMW maintenance tools, FleetCheck is a proven solution focused on increasing shop efficiency and cost control, maximizing resources, and most importantly keeping fleets running safely and in DOT compliance. FleetCheck is an end-to-end maintenance solution that will help you build a company that runs smarter, works harder and achieves more success.

FleetCheck provides an extra hand in the garage to make sure: 

  • Your maintenance process are simple to plan, execute, track and bill
  • DOT Inspections are renewed on-time
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections are completed correctly and on schedule
  • Preventative Maintenance schedules keep fleets operating safely
  • Parts purchasing is streamlined for greater accuracy and parts availability
  • Repairs, both in house and by vendors, are completed quickly, getting vehicles back on the road faster

The Value Proposition

Gain Efficiencies and Lower Costs by integrating the management of all maintenance areas – preventative maintenance schedules, repairs, parts inventory, fuel usage, warranty, and technician hours.

Maximize Warranty Recovery Dollars by automating the warranty process and capturing warranted part replacements rather than leaving your refunds with the manufacturers.

Knowledge is Power! Understanding your maintenance spend and shop activities through advanced reporting is the first step to:

  • Streamline your processes
  • Maximize technician productivity
  • Spot under performing assets
  • Negotiate better agreements and prices for your fleet

Eliminate Duplicate Work and Enable Informed Decisions through mobile options that allow technicians to enter, and equally important, access integrated equipment and parts data in real-time - while they are working on your fleet’s equipment – not after the fact.

In-House or Outsource – FleetCheck Covers Your Repairs
Regardless if you have a maintenance shop, or outsource your fleet’s maintenance work, you are not only directly responsible for the safety, compliance and uptime of your fleet, but also responsible for the costs and savings to maintain that fleet. Thanks to its module based delivery, FleetCheck is available with the tools needed by both fleets with their own shops and fleets that outsource their maintenance work.

FleetCheck – Base System
Designed for fleets that do all outsourced repairs and do not have their own repair shop, FleetCheck’s base system enables fleets to track repair expenses, generate warranty claims and manage preventative maintenance schedules. 

Key Features, include:

  • Vendor Repair Orders
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Purchase Orders & Fuel Tickets
  • Centralized Master Files
  • Warranty Tracking Process
  • Cost Reporting & Accounting

FleetCheck – Shop Modules and Other Add-ons
Fleets running their own shop, can benefit by the extended efficiencies and maintenance gains of FleetCheck’s shop modules, which include all the features of the FleetCheck base system plus critical tools for fleets with their own repair shops. 

  • Shop Modules
    • Shop Repair Orders
    • Shop Floor Automation
    • Mechanic and Parts Workstations
    • Inventory Management and Purchase Orders
    • Reporting
  • Mobile Communication Integrations (Add-On Module)
  • Innovative Access / Access Plus Integration (Add-On Module)

A Faster Road To Ready

Simplified, consistent and efficient deployment mean less time getting ready to roll with your new system. Instead customers enjoy quicker uptime and a faster return on investment through a system with standardized options, codes and data import templates for easy and rapid implementation. 
What’s more is FleetCheck brings familiar and comfortable screens and environments that increase user adoption. Whether your staff like efficient and simple data entry screens found on a character-based “green screen” interface or prefer to work with a familiar graphical web interface for point-and-click processes, FleetCheck’s user-friendly user interfaces meet you and your team’s needs. 

As a SaaS based system, you’ll also benefit from a software built to run on everyday hardware, through cloud technology and designed for simplified IT needs. Emphasizing the “as a Service” part of Software as a Service, FleetCheck subscriptions include the software, hardware and services needed to run your shop. No new IT infrastructure to build out. No additional hardware to maintain.


Rounding out the equation, FleetCheck offers flexible, unit based pricing, and a low monthly fee created with increments built for smaller fleets. FleetCheck pricing includes your software licenses, along with the software maintenance, technical support and SaaS bases services that you need to succeed. 

Looking for more information? 

Enjoy our 20:1 white paper or contact us to learn ways FleetCheck can help you maintain a fleet built for success. 

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s discuss your needs and talk about solutions.

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