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Fleet owners seeking to lower maintenance expenditures, while remaining compliant with government regulations and auditing and reporting requirements, need a trustworthy set of extra hands: TMTRx fleet maintenance solution, the cloud-based management software for customers using the Innovative Access and Access Plus transportation management platforms.

TMTRx is your virtual garage technician that ensures all your mandatory on-time essentials – DOT registrations, inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs, parts purchasing, warranty concerns, and vendor repair oversight – are processed promptly and without omission.

Is TMTRx for you?

  • Are you looking for a solution that allows you to monitor and manage your maintenance expenses, track State and Federal Inspection compliance, ensure regular Preventative Maintenance is performed consistently and on schedule in all your shops? 
  • Is your inventory out of control with overflowing parts bins full of unused parts? 
  • Does data retrieval and reporting take up too much time in your current system?  
  • Does it take days or weeks to get the reports you need to analyze recent repair history cost?

If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, then you need TMTRx.

What are some of your concerns? Do you spend too much time locating and scheduling the appropriate skilled technicians for service and repair orders? Is it difficult to track asset location and availability, or manage multiple facilities?

How efficient is your Warranty recovery process? Even something as standard as inventory reconciliation can be overly time consuming and one more item demanding attention when you’re already busy.

This is where TMTRX helps – in fact, uncomplicated implementation, easily achieved using your PC or tablet and Internet connection, is among TMTRx highlights. Available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to fleets of all sizes, TMTRx’s outstanding array of features and reports helps users complete critical processes on time and within budget.

Data entry for common daily tasks such as Repair Order and Purchase Order entry is easy to learn and use. Inventory management features give you control over the parts room, reducing unnecessary asset dollars sitting on the parts room shelf.   

Improve your bottom line using the included Warranty system to submit and receive warranty reimbursement dollars to reduce your bottom line for maintenance costs.  

Using the included TMT Report Profiles, you have a powerful way to run reports to retrieve the information you need out of the system.

Virtually unlimited slicing and dicing of Repair Order and Warranty Reimbursement data using the integrated drill-down capabilities to the Repair Order line item is available. These reports can help you identify where your most expensive repairs are occurring so you can take action to control these costs. 

The TMT Web Edition offers full color, animated charts, graphs and more.

Data is captured once and integrated into the full range of the system’s capabilities, eliminating double entry and making more information available to more users. TMTRx delivers:

  • Consolidated management of all maintenance areas, including preventive maintenance schedules, parts inventory, fuel and meter imports, tire usage, mechanic hours, invoicing, warranty recovery and more;
  • Ability to better manage your company’s critical assets and essential information for improved regulatory, compliance and risk management;
  • Instant visibility to repair order status;
  • User-friendly design that makes it simple to plan, execute, track and invoice, for complete, end-to-end fleet maintenance management;
  • Total integration with the Innovative Access and Access Plus platforms’ core dispatch and accounting functions;
  • Insight to under-performing assets and technician productivity, and greater awareness of deficiencies; 
  • Ease in routing units requiring inspections, preventive maintenance services or repairs to internal or third-party facilities; and
  • Automatic warranty tracking and auto-generated potential warranty claims.

Need more? Get more with TMTRx Plus

  • Shop Floor Automation, permitting fleets to establish a paperless workflow that assigns repair orders to technicians, and tracks all performed labor and parts added to the repair or special order items; by entering the parts directly on the repair order as they are used provides real-time information and eliminates the need for a clerk to enter data at a later time 
  • Road Call, so fleets can more efficiently manage road call breakdowns and link the call to a repair order; tracks all the comments related to the road call; integrated with your Shop Repair Orders or Vendor Repair Orders
  • Invoicing, which gives fleets the option to bill repairs performed for internal customers (such as owner operators) and can be integrated with Access Plus for driver settlements
  • Auto-export of warranty claims and parts purchase orders directly to Navistar or Volvo.

Both TMTRx and TMTRx Plus can be deployed with a character-based “green screen” interface or with a graphical web interface for point-and-click functionality with your existing hardware.

TMTRx monitors and streamlines your workflow for process improvements in the key drivers of your company’s maintenance operation, and lets you analyze, evaluate, negotiate and manage fleet and equipment assets and expenses in real time. 

TMTRx can help you build a company that works smarter, runs smoother, and achieves more success. 

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Let’s discuss your needs and talk about solutions.

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